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Custer Buffalo Roundup

Camping season ended last autumn with a trip to the Dakotas.  Over a 3,000-mile month, we visited Devil’s Tower, Teddy Roosevelt and Badlands National Parks and ended with a two-week stay at Custer State Park where we caught its annual buffalo roundup.  A-frame trailer

Come winter, rotator cuff surgery ended my ski season before it even started.  While Dianne slid slopes, I got to wander around base areas drinking beer and shooting photographs.

This spring, we took our trailer south to Texas where an a-frame trailer guru put on a four-day tech seminar.  We learned about all the things we’ve done wrong on our trailer and came back with a list of things to buy, build, replace or repair before our next big endeavor.



Canadian flagBeginning June 1st, Dianne and I will begin a four-month camping escapade across Canada in our tiny, a-frame trailer.  We’ll be spending 122 days on the road, bunking in an 84-square-foot trailer and since we don’t have a bathroom onboard, using nothing but public restrooms (called washrooms up there).  Should be interesting.Beer taps

After a short visit with the in-laws in California, our route will take us north to Port Angeles where we’ll catch the ferry to Vancouver Island.  After five nights there, we ferry to the mainland and begin our long slog across the largest country on the continent. We hope to learn more about our neighbor to the north and search for an answer to that perplexing question of just why are Canadians so gosh darn friendly and polite.

While we will hit a few cities along the way, most nights will be spent in national and provincial park campgrounds.  We already have prepaid reservations at most for specific nights at specific campsites.  We can only hope no breakdowns interfere with the schedule.

The journey will reach its easternmost point on Newfoundland.  From there it will be back through Nova Scotia and New Brunswick to Maine followed by a long slog back home.

As Jimmy Buffett once pointed out, the worse experiences make the best stories.  Hopefully we’ll have only dull but happy experiences to report at trip’s conclusion.



Look for images from our Canadian caper and eslewhere to appear on my Alamy stock photo site.