"Things are more like they are today than they ever have been before."



Palo Duro CanyonIn 2016, Dianne and I took off on two major camping excursions. In the spring, we headed south to Tucson and spent two weeks camping with friends in Catalina State Park. From there it was off Texas for two weeks in Big Bend National Park followed by a few days in Guadalupe Mountain National Park. A short visit to Roswell, New Mexico, allowed us to check in on the aliens before we headed up for a week's stay in Palo Duro Canyon State Park near Amarillo. While there, we visited Jack Sisemore's RV Museum where we saw the oldest Airstream trailer still existing and the bus "motorhome" driven by Jeff Daniels' character in Robin Williams' 2006 movie "RV."

Devil's TowerCome autumn, we packed the trailer and headed north to the Dakotas with a couple of days' layover in Devil's Tower National Monument with Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota to follow. From there we headed to South Dakota for a few days in Badlands National Park followed by two weeks in the Black Hills where we caught Custer State Park's famed Buffalo Roundup and the Volks March onto the sculpture's arm at Crazy Horse Memorial.

Both trips provided a wealth of stock photos and a plethora of story ops.



San AntonioRotator cuff shoulder surgery last November is curtailing my skiing this year. This will give me the opportunity to head up to the hills and find out which Colorado winter resorts are best for nonskiers.

Quebec CityIn March, we will load up the trailer and head off to Texas for an A-frame trailer tech session where we hope to learn all we need to know to keep our trailer running. Extra days there will allow us to explore the hill country and head down to San Antonio for a look at the Alamo and Riverwalk. Our route home will take us through northwestern Louisiana, western Arkansas, southwestern Missouri and finally up to Kansas City with a return across Kansas.

The big trip begins in June when we embark on a four-month, trans-Canada trailer camping expedition. We'll begin on Vancouver Island and end with a week on Newfoundland before exiting through Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Since we're camping, we'll be camping in numerous national and provincial parks as well as exploring a handful of cities along the way. We hope to learn more about our neighbor to the north and search for an answer to that perplexing question of just why are Canadians so gosh darn friendly and polite.



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